Sat Nam Rasayan®

Healing session

7/4/20233 min read

Buddha sleeping statue near green plant
Buddha sleeping statue near green plant

Sat Nam Rasayan®

What can we know about an ancient sacred practice?

Maybe we have read stories from holy books about saint people, who could heal by their own light and purity, their soul. Or beautiful poetry full of solitude wisdom mindset, it inspires you to look for something subtle… Do you really believe that Jesus Christ was healing others? Or somewhere deep-deep inside you had a call voice of your own magnetic desire to feel that experience, desire to help, to heal, to love, to protect and keep safe… no matter what…

- How does Sat Nam Rasayan work? Is it the treatment or it is just an anesthesia?

- The question is short but the answer is long.

- I hope it’s a treatment 😊

- Okay. We accumulate shocks, and a little trauma, that we do not resolve. Because we can't be resolute. And it goes to subconsciousness. So, when it is on subconsciousness, obviously you are not aware. You don’t realize, that you have that. Here is a person, right? This is your consciousness – I am conscious, I know what I feel, I know what I think. But any time I receive a shock, that I cannot process, it goes into subconsciousness and it’s like water rises, I can only see part of me, I can’t see everything. And another shock, and another shock, and another shock. So, it’s like an iceberg in the water. You only see this (the top of the iceberg) and you think “I am a good person, why is this happening with me? Why do I have an accident? Why do I have this fellness?” Because it is all that you see (the top of the iceberg) but vibrate all of this (hidden parts too). All these that you do not see, are hidden in the water of your subconsciousness: your emotions… all these vibrate energy and attract things. This in your subconscious lives in another time and space than you do, this lives not in the present it lives in the past. For example, when I was seven years old, I had a shock in the mountains, I was left alone in the mountains, and later I forgot about it. I remembered the incident, but I forgot the experience. Any time I felt cold my body reacted very strongly. And it became more and more with time. Until I did a meditation Sat Nam Rasayan and when the water calms down, I can live again the moment. Then I can go back in time to integrate that part of me that is still left behind to heal in that present moment. So, when you do meditation or Kundalini Yoga, you do the work to moreover the water, and you can see more. With water, you can not see. With Kundalini Yoga meditation this level is lower, you can realize and prevent the ability don’t see – “no, I can go and live this situation again, I don’t want to feel”. You stay open and breathe, and then you can accept that and come in without being afraid. Exercise allows you to integrate that part of yourself. Sat Nam Rasayan is like somebody else does it for you. For deep healing or a real cure, it depends on how much your wounds accept staying in the present or just for a moment and then going back to the drama. The deep of healing depends on how much your experience can be realized and accepted now. As an example of seven years old girl lost in the cold mountains: if she is ready to heal, she comes back and changes her traumatic habit. Temporality depends on readiness to see and understand and accept painful experiences.

Why would a facet of us not want to come back and be healed?

Because we identified with what we have left it for a long time. Imagine that my defense is like turning my head away. In countries in a lot of Mediterranean countries, women do this because they can’t look into a man’s eyes that’s dangerous. It comes to a healer or Kundalini Yoga teacher and starts to work on myself then I can do this (fix/right way) but if my system is so… if my teacher tells me: “No, this is correct posture”, then I lost, I don’t feel comfortable. Because what is usual seems normal to me. But if I work on myself and little by little the water comes down and I am aware that I am always afraid of a man then I can be more and stop identifying myself with my defense, then the cure is permanent. Until you can resolve in your system risen you make you go that way this will never stay it will go back. Whether it's permanent or like anesthesia depends on your internal world.